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Drawbacks of TOR

I Suppose that Everyone Knows about TOR.If Anyone, who Don't Know about TOR,or the Ones who Know about TOR Must Read our Post The Complete Guide for Understanding TOR and Becoming Anonymous ,which will Guide you About the TOR Projects,its Services,How it Works,Its Mobile Application and Much More.

After you have Read the Above Article about TOR,you Might have thought that TOR is the Safest Service for Becoming Anonymous.But TOR can’t solve all Anonymity and Privacy problems. It Main Focus is only on Protecting the Transport of Data from one Client to Another. It provides no Safeguards Against, for example, Sheer Stupidity.Let's take an Example : There is a Cyber Criminal selling Hacked Email Accounts in one Tab and a Chatting on Facebook in another Tab.So what you Guys think,that Criminal Deserves to be in Jail for his Idiocy. It is up to the User that they make Sure that they don’t Enter any Private Data, not a Single Drop of Information that could Lead back to them even while using TOR.

TOR also cannot provide Protection against End-to-End Timing attacks.If your Attacker is Enough Clever that he can Watch the Traffic coming out of your Computer(Means your Network), and also the Traffic Arriving at your chosen Destination,then he can use Statistical Analysis to Discover that they are part of the Same Circuit.It basically means that, if the Attacker knows that your Computer sent a Request to a Website and also knows that the Website just Received the same Request, it’s very likely that this particular Connection is Yours and even if he had no Interaction with the Passing Data, it can then also,still be Compromised. Mind you, this kind of attack is not something an Average Attacker can even attempt. Attacker would need to be the Man-in-the-Middle for your target’s ISP and at the same time be tapped into a Website Server which may be on the other end of the globe.

Ongoing trends in Laws, Policy, Technology ,in the Digital World or we can say the Cyber Laws,threaten Anonymity as Never before, undermining our Ability to Write and Read Online Freely. These trends also Undermine an Individual’s and a Nation’s security by making Communication among Individuals, Organizations, Corporations, and Governments more vulnerable to Unauthorized Analysis. Each New User and Relay provides additional Security, enhancing TOR’s ability to put control over your Security and Privacy back into the hands of people, which is of the People only.

Internet represents the Biggest Democracy there is, Ever was and Ever will be as it Connect the Whole World.Everyone with Anybody can Share their View, can Do Anything. It Offers us Among Infinite other Resources, a vast ocean of Knowledge. Such is the Power and Sheer Practicality of the Internet. It is truly one of the greatest Accomplishments of all Humanity. It is what Binds us, it is what Defines us. With Great power, comes not only Great Responsibility but also Greater Threats. Threats to our Security, threats to our Privacy and Threats to our very Virtual existence. If and when the time comes, it will be up to us to defend Ourselves.

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