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Black Hole of World Wide Web - Facebook

Have you ever heard of the Black Hole? Yes, you might have heard it on Discovery channels or in the Physics Book.If you don't know about it then, we are here to tell you. 

A Black Hole is a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape.

We have called the Facebook as a Black Hole of World Wide Web because same as the Black hole in Space it also attracts the Public to use the Facebook at a Daily basis and no one can escape from it. Today Facebook has become a one single store where you can do multiple types of things. The tasks that we can do on Facebook are listed below but, before that have a look on some lines said By Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook).

"Facebook was not a made to be an organization but rather to fulfill a social mission" by - Mark Zuckerberg.

According to Mark Zuckerberg,He has created Facebook not to serve a single work but to make Facebook a Best social website that can serve all.

In the event that you are incredulous about how Facebook is turning into the one stop store and sucking the Internet, then these actualities would let you know reality. The exact opposite thing Facebook needs you to do is sign out and here's the way it keeps that. 

We will provide you with the Features with which Facebook has become a Black Hole of World Wide Web.

Quick Loaded Instant articles and adds - 

This is a very amazing feature. If you liked an article then there are chances that you move to the official website to continue reading. Facebook now caches the article and display it on your screen instantly.

Whats Trending

On the right side of your News Feed you will find a Column of this type as shown in the image above. Facebook will show you the Trending stories that are being popular World Wide. Facebook has become a new Social site that has almost everything on it. Therefore it is called as Black Hole of World Wide Web.

Shopping Via Facebook-

Shopping is a thing which everyone of us are doing but, not more than Girls.Facebook provides you a platform to shop. But this Feature hasn't become so popular today because there are numerous shopping websites and People has their Faith on them. Facebook will not be considered a Shopping site but Facebook has still given you this opportunity.

Live On Facebook- 

This feature is now very Popular. Everybody wants to be Live on Facebook. Mainly the Public figures are getting Live to talk with their Fans and to Promote their Movies or anything else. We have also seen Politicians getting live on Facebook and talking with the Public only to get the Votes.So Facebook has a very amazing feature of Getting Live through Facebook Mentions.Therefore, Facebook is a very Popular Social site.

Facebook Doodle- 
If you like the way Snapchat is serving you, as to edit your Photo then, Facebook has also given you a platform to do so. So go ahead and perform the scribbling on your Photo too.

Video calling- 
Before two years, there were very rare applications that allow you to Video call your friend or relative but today, we have number of apps that can do it. Recently Google has Launched its application named as Duo but Facebook has made it before Google and is more Successful than Google. Google has made two different applications for chatting and Video calling i.e Allo and Duo but Facebook has united the Feature in one app i.e Messenger. So this was a very good feature and no doubt everyone of us is liking it.

GIF images- 

Today everyone of us are very fond of sending GIF images like most of us are sending Good morning and Good nights in GIF. Facebook has united this feature also in its Messenger app. According to the reports, Facebook Messenger is a most used app to connect people to people.

Remembering Birthdays-

Facebook has made you fully dependent on it. Now you don't need to remember someone's Birthday. You just need to open Facebook once a Day and it will immediately notify you about the Birthday of your Friend and even gives you a way to Wish him/her. Amazing Feature! I loved it.

M Assistant- 

Have you heard about M Assistant before? If No, then we will tell you. M Assistant is a AI (Artificial Intelligence) same as Siri and Cortana. M Assistant will soon become a competition to Siri and Cortana and it is a Damn Truth. You will surely like this to have it on Facebook.

Add a Link Directly- 

If you have to share a link with your friend then you open that Webpage and copy the link and then paste it in your Chat. But Facebook doesn't want you to perform these steps.Facebook has provided you a option of "Add a Link" button. With that Button you can easily share the link with your friend. Go ahead and try this feature.

This is not the end of the Features of Facebook but the thing is, I am getting tired. 

We haven't told you each and every feature of Facebook. To know more,start using Facebook more deeply.

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