You disclose your secrets to anyone? No matter Google Knows everything about You

The question arises that have you ever shared your personal details with anyone in your life? If you haven't share yet, then also there are 2 living things who knows everything about you. The first one is God and the another is Google.Yes Google, the well known company. We will surely tell you the vast about how Google knows everything about you.

Have you ever used Gmail account?Of course you have used. Firstly while making Gmail account,you have entered your basic details like birth date and mobile number. So it means Google has your mobile number and birth date.  But this is a very minor thing. Everybody knows your birth date and Mobile number but, Google knows much more about you. 

You often use as your default search engine? Yes you use it. Google has been constantly tracking all the details that you are searching on the In an meeting Google announced that to make Google more better for you,they have decided to track what you have searched on their search engine.

Google doesn't stop here! You use your Browser (Chrome,firefox,etc.) for opening all the websites whether the websites are adult sites or something else and if by mistake your Gmail account is signed in,then all the details will automatically be sent to the Google. You can even check that, up to now how much of your secrets have been disclosed to Google.  To check - Open your Gmail account,go to Manage activity and you can see the details of the websites you searched ever while signing in, in your Gmail account.

Proof- Google PartnerPlex made at Google, Google Hiring people by analyzing your search keywords.

If you are opening Adult sites and are watching porn videos and after watching them, you are cleaning your Browser History then also you are not safe. You can only hide the details from your PC but there is someone, somewhere to watch everything that you have done. So now on-wards stop doing the wrong things on the Internet.

You must think that there is a "Incognito mode" present in your Browsers and by using that you can be safe. But my friends sorry to say, that your incognito mode also can't defend you because it also erases the history in your computer only.

If you want to read more about this so called Incognito mode then, click here to read the details of Incognito mode

So it means you are totally been tracked.Now another question arises that how we can be safe?  Answer is disconnect yourself from the internet and now you can say that i am safe.
No! you are not safe yet.

So stop doing the wrong things on the Internet and be safe as you can. 

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