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Phone with both ios and Android? Can it be possible?

Till now we have seen two different types of Phones i.e Android based and ios based. However Windows phone are also used but they are in a minimal.Have you ever wonder that can there be a Smartphone in which both android and ios can be installed same as in Computers.

The main thing to share is, there is no phone till now in which both the Rom's can be installed. But we don't know why this technology hasn't come till now.

One reason can be there that, there is no collaboration between Google and Apple but there can be a company of smartphone who can collaborate with Google as well as Apple to produce a Unique type of smartphone which can run upon Android and as well as on ios. May Apple don't want to collaborate with any company to give the authority to let them install ios.

Now also some people might be thinking that this is a impossible thing. But we would like to say to those people that this will not be a impossible thing in future.

The idea of this Unique smartphone has never been triggered anywhere on the Internet and we must say that the idea is Wholy Soly presented before you only by the Kernelbit Team.

This idea came into my mind when I was comparing the Computers with smartphones. I thought if we can install different operating systems in the computers and also we can install different Rom's in the android phones so why can't be there a phone in which both Android and ios can be installed. 

So we have presented our Idea about this Unique phone. Lets hope the Smartphone Companies will surely develop this type of phones.

But one thing is sure that it hasn't come yet because any company has not collaborated with Apple or may be Apple don't want to give the authority to other companies to let them install ios on their devices.

Don't leave your Hope.This phone will be made very soon.

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