How to Hack Doodle Army 2 or Clash of Clans in Android Smart Phone The Best Way

Doodle Army 2 also known as Mini-Militia is also one of the Top growing Android Games in Playstore like Clash of Clans. It is a Multiplayer Game in which all the Players connect to a same Hotspot with your Wifi connection and make Teams and Defeat Each other. It also has Chat Feature and good equipments to fight.It is really an Awesome game and less boring because it has a time line of 5 minutes or Something like that.

If you ever hacked any game in Computer then you already know the half part of this act.In this Act we will use Game Killer.Game Killer Apk (or GameKiller) is an android app to hack or modify coins, gems, etc of android games by using technique of memory modifying. Game killer has been downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide making it one of the most downloaded app but not available on Google Play store.Game Killer can Hack any Game in Android.

In order to Proceed with this your Android Smart Phone should be Rooted.If you have Rooted your Android Smart Phone then it is good if you have not then see our post on How to Root your Android Smart Phone the Best Way.

Follow the Below Steps to Hack Mini Militia ::

1)Firstly Root your Android Smart Phone.
2)Then download Game Killer app from our Site because we will get the Latest Download of this App for you.
3)If you have Downloaded it from the PC then first Transfer it to your Mobile by the Smart Way. If you do not understand the Smart Way then See our Post on How to Transfer Your Android Smart Phone to PC from Wifi Wirelessly The Best Way .
4)Then Install it in your Android Smart Phone. If your device says Installations blocked, then go to your device Settings>Applications and tick the Unknown Sources Option and Grant it the Root Permission.
5)Now open Mini Militia or Doodle Army 2 and you will see Game Killer Icon floating on the Screen.
6)Just start any Battle and Pickup any Gun of your Choice and Shoot 10 Bullets anywhere.
7)See how much Bullets are Left in your Gun after you shoot some Bullets.Let it be 30.
8)Then tap on the Game Killer Floating Icon and Search the Bullets Left like 30 left.
9)Now it will scan and Show you the List in which 30 exist and change it to 1000 or the Number of Bullets you want with you and it will set to that number of Bullets.

Note ::
You can hack Clash of Clans the Same Way.

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