Google to launch Allo - a messaging app this week

Google introduced two apps in its I/O Conference in May that were Allo and Duo. Allo is a smart Messaging app and Duo is a Smart Video Calling App. If you have seen the I/O Conference of Google in May then you might know the mind blowing features of these both new apps. But if you haven't seen the Conference then read our articles on the same topic I assure that you will not need a video then, to know about these apps.

What Allo is actually?

Allo is a smart messaging app which makes your chatting experience really good. It is a very responsive app It takes the help of Google assistant and makes your work very easy.For example if you are talking to your friend about going for a movie then Allo will automatically show you the movies running near your cinemas, all with the help of Google assistant.

Google has launched its Video Calling App- Duo few days back and now the rumors are there that this week Google is about to launch its smart Messaging app i.e Allo. 

Allo is supposed to have features like end to end encryption,incredible stickers and text formatting options for doing expression chats along with temporary private messages.

Moreover Allo has smart reply options, as if you want to say something loud to your friend then it can send the text in larger font and with animations and if you want to whisper anything to your friend then it will reduce the font size with animation.

It holds more gestures and animations than needed.I t means it is overloaded with big and impressive features.It will be very helpful if you want to wish someone or bless someone, all because of its all new animations and features obviously.

After knowing too many features of Allo. I was very eager to install this on my Smartphone and I think you would also be too crazy about that. Lets wait for few days only. Google will surely Launch Allo this week and it will be available on your Google Play store and Apple APP Store also.

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