Format anybody's C: Drive using a simple Notepad Code

Yes! you have heard it write that today we have brought up a very basic technique to format the C: Drive of any computer without even notifying it. You can perform this trick with your friends but remember that there should not be a crucial data on anybody's computer because after using this trick on someone's computer he would need to reinstall the Windows because his/her C: Drive will be formatted in seconds.

Don't ever try to perform this on the Office computers,your own PC and of someone else who has crucial data in the C: drive. You can always try this on your best friend's computer just for fun. 

Remember this method is only for educational purpose and just to tell you that how hackers can format your C: drive using a simple code.

Steps to Follow - 

1- Open Notepad by pressing "Window + r " ,type notepad and press enter.
2- Type the given binary code in the notepad and save it as "FB Pass cracker.exe".Don't forget to save it as type "All Files". I used to save it as this name"FB Pass cracker" because people often click on these type of files without even thinking as they always want to crack someone's Facebook Password. You can give it any name but  .exe is mandatory to write after the name.

The Binary code for formatting C: drive is given below and also indicated in the pic-


3- After saving this txt file as "All files" type and naming it "FB Pass Cracker.exe". You will see a .exe file placed in your computer where you have saved it. Don't ever try to open it.
4- Copy that 1 kB file and paste it in your USB and send it to your friend.

Thats it! When your friend will click on this file then in few seconds his C: Drive will get formatted.

You can even make a "autorun" file in the USB to launch this .exe file automatically as soon as the USB is plugged in. It will not even notify the Victimand the drive will be formatted.

Note- This method was only for educational purpose. Don;t ever try to perform to cause any problems further.

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