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The Best Way to Overload System Memory using Notepad

A batch file is a script file in DOS and Windows. It consists of a series of commands which are to be executed by the command line interpreter, stored in plain text file.
A batch file may also have constructs (IF, GOTO, Labels, CALL, etc.) that enable conditional branching and looping within the batch file.
Batch files usually have extensions :  *.bat .They can be easily created in any Text Editor like Notepad, Notepad++.
In this Article we are going to create a Virus that would be Probably one of the Deadliest one.It would be of 6 line.
This 6-line piece of code is so devastating, it can bring down a Computer in a few seconds only.

Understanding Commands::

1)@echo off--->This Command Stops the Batch file from Showing the Commands that are being Carried Out.It Means that the Command Prompt Window will not show the Commands which will be Followed when we Execute our Program.
2)start --->This Command is used to Start an Program.
3): --->This ' : ' allows us to setup a Label in …

Chinese firm Bans the iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus for their Staff

Yes it is true! Chinese company in Nanyang city, Henan province is threatening their employees to buy the iphones . The company has declared that if any of the Staff member will buy a iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus then he/she will be fired from the Company. Isn't it a bad news? No it is not a bad news for China but it is obviously bad for Apple.

Nowdays we are listening many news headlines against Apple.But this time it is a very bad news as from now, no Chinese person working in that company will buy the iphone.

Here are some lines that were sent as a order to their employees, you can read them from here - 
"According to our managing director's orders, all our employees are strictly forbidden to purchase and to use iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Anyone found disobeying this order must immediately resign from the company. "Beloved colleagues, if our finances are healthy and our economic conditions allow it, please let us take better care of our parents' health, be more conc…

World's Largest Hack by DDOS Attack

Recently, Hacking the devices and the data has crossed the limits and today World record of the largest Hacking has been made. You can't imagine that this is the Biggest Attack that the World has ever seen.

It seems that now we have got a new record of DDOS Attack . Recently it has been explored that the DDOS Attack has been done to the 1 TBps mark.

Last week the DDOS Attack was faced by the Hosting Provider Website OVH. The CTO Octave Klaba has shared some screenshots on the Internet about some messages that are tweeted. You can see them here - 

Also Read -The Best Way to Prevent a DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service) Attack - 3 Basic and Most Useful Tips

Klaba also told the public that the DDOS Attack has been clocked from a network of 152,463 lo-power CCTV Cameras.The overall attack has been calculated as 1 TB approximately and it is really a Huge one.

Here are some other tweeted lines by Octave Klaba - 

This was the all information about this largest Hack available till now.
Stay tune…

How to Spy Other's When you are on the Same Network The Best Way

You will Like this Article very Much as Everybody today wants to Spy on each other.Looking behinds the Wall of the Other Person,getting into their Private Stuff and Of course for Fun also.
To Spy you first need an Android Phone which should be Rooted.If you have an Rooted Android Smart Phone then it is Good otherwise you can Read The Easiest and Best way to Root any Android Smart Phone--Full Guide,Which will guide you on How to Root your Android Smart Phone by Two Ways.
And Moreover after Rooting your Smart Phone you can Download the Best Android Hacking Apps by Reading The Best Android Hacking Apps,Which will guide you in Installing the Best Android Hacking Apps with Their Respective Functions.

Follow the Steps to Spy On Other's ::

1)I Suppose Now you have Rooted your Android Phone.

2)Now Download Interceptor .

3)Now you just have make sure that You and Your Victim are on the Same Network.

4)Now Start Interceptor -NG .

5)First Click on the Circle at the Left of Skip Scanning Button.

6)It …

What is File extension and How to Configure it out?

Hello Friends! Today I will teach you that What is File extension and how to configure it,change it and how to do all the things about File extension.

What is File extension?
Some of you must know a lot about File extension but today we will let you know a vast about it. A File extension is at the end of the File name.Generally it tells the type of file that in which type of application it will open.

For example- "myname.txt" is a file type in which file extension is ".txt"which can be opened by different applications like Notepad,Wordpad etc. There are many types of File extensions which can be opened by different applications. Some of the File extensions are .png .jpg .html .xml .exe  and many more.
Do you know that the Softwares which you are using are of extension ".exe". Have you even tried to change its extension and try to open it in another application. If you haven't done till now then don't worry we will tell you how to do that and for what …

The Basic Commands Of Kali Linux The Best Commands

Ethical Hacking is Growing Like Nothing Else has Ever been, from the Last few Years.Everybody Today wants to be a Ethical Hacker mostly for Protecting them and Other People who they care About or for Getting Good Jobs in Great Companies.There are Many Institutes who Train People about Hacking.Most of the People think Hacking as Just click a Button and Hack Somebody,but this doesn't work like that. I Suppose Everybody has heard about Kali Linux as it the Heart and Sole of Hacking.I Said it because it comes Pre-installed with thousands of tools just for Ethical Hacking Purpose Only.So If you want to Learn Hacking Just Learn Kali.Kali Comes in CUI and GUI but mostly you have to type in the Commands in the Terminal,So you have Knowledge of the Commands.

Basic Commands of Kali Linux ::
1)alias : A way to run  Command or a series of  Commands using a Shorter Name than the usually associated Name with such Commands.
2)apt-get : This Command is usually used to update a Debian machine and to …

How to Buy a Domain Name and Configure the Setting with Your Blog

I hope Everyone wants to be Famous and Starting up your Own Website can help you Fulfill your Dreams.Bill Gates the Famous Personality said that " If your Business is Not the Internet then your Business will be Soon out of Business " .And Very well you can understand the Dept of these words.Everyone knows that half of the World is On Internet and it is the Best place where you can sell your Talents,Where the Whole World Will See and Purchase your Talents.

Follow the Below Steps to Buy a Domain Name ::

1)First of all you need a Credit or a Debit Card through Which you can Buy Online Stuff.
2)After that Open up your Browser.You can Open One of the Following Sites :
a)Go Daddy
d)Google Domains
e)1 and 1
These are Few Good Websites for Purchasing a Domain Name.I will Recommend Using Go Daddy as it Excellent in Services and Also has 24*7 Online Chat Services, incase you need any Help Regarding Anything.
3)Now When you Will Open any of these Websites you will get a Box i…

Happy Birthday Google ! Wishing you a happiest 18th Birthday

Hello Friends! Yes you have read it right, today is Google's birthday and today Google has finally become a Teenager that is of age 18. Today is the day when Larry Page and Sergey Brin Created Google 18 years Back.

Google confirms his birthday,today in the morning by changing their image on the Homepage. The same image is shown above in the article.

Google is now a very Big Brand and ofcourse a leading Company also. Have you ever know that what Google posted on Twitter as its first tweet?

Here's what Google tweeted for the first time -  " I am 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010."  It means that "I am feeling lucky".

I am feeling lucky is rarely used by users but According to the survey's made by Google, it is concluded that Users like the button on their Homepage.

Interesting Thing to know-

Have you ever noticed that Google's Homepage is exactly the same as it was, …

Google is going to launch new phone in competition with Apple's iPhone 7

From some last years, Google is launching brilliant phones with pure android phone experience which were called as Nexus.This year news was that, they are going to launch Nexus,which was usually manufactured by some big mobile brands companies like LG,Samsung,Sony and many more. But this time Google wants to get rid of all these brands and is manufacturing a new mobile phone by themselves.
According to some news sources we have receievd the information that Google is going to launch many other hardwares but the world is waiting for their masterpiece which is going to be called as Pixel.
People usually ask this question that how many mobiles they are going to launch?
According to some sources it is been revealed that this time Google will launch phone in two variants. One mobile is going to launch with 5 inch 2k Display and the other one is with 5.5 inch display.Also both phones will be going  to have different specs like one will have 3 GB RAM and second will have 4 GB RAM.
When this phon…

Customize your Desktop in a Best possible way

Hello Friends! Today i will tell you about how to customize your Desktop in a best possible way. Mostly we are in a hurry to do things in our Computer and 80% files we are saving on the Desktop and after that Saving files in a customized way.

Don't Worry we are here to save your time. When you will save the files to your Desktop then automatically it will be arranged as a type of file. For example if you save any application or software then it will be customized in Programs folder and if you save a Folder on the Desktop then it will be sent to Folder's Heading.

To do this You will need a Small software named as Fences. You can Download it from here.

The best part of Fences is that you can also customize your Desktop Manually. The company has provided 2 options that are "Start Fences automatically" and "Customize it Manually".

Steps to Follow - 

1- Download a Software and install it.

2- It will say you for a 30 days trial option,select that option and enter your …

The Error Faced By Android Users When Using Application Like Screen Dimming Apps

Sometimes we often have noticed the Problem with our Android Smart Phone that we Cannot Click on the Install Button in the Package Installer when We have activated the Night Screen Mode or some Screen Dimming App in our Android Phone.

These apps work by Covering or Disguising the whole screen with a Low Light Window Screen, and letting you use your Android Phone as it is , but for some Security Reasons or Some Purpose which is Mentioned below, you can't interact with the Package Installer until you have Activated the Screen Dimming App.It's more likely that your APK file is Corrupt or having Version Incompatibility, either of which would cause an error message.
KernelBit Team Thinks that this is to prevent you from Installing any Third Party Applications which are from the Unknown Sources that would be Installed by you Instead of the Original Application you want to Install.But because of the Low Light of the Screen you might install any of Incorrect application.So When these Sc…

iOS 10 password is crackable even without touching iPhone

One more bad news for iPhone users after the Jailbreak of iOS 10 in 24 hours.But This time its much severe for the security of iPhones. Sad Thing is that, which company was known for best security is in  news always after the FBI vs. Apple backdoor case.In last decade apple was infected by some serious malwares like The Malware,Xcode Ghost,AceDeceiver.
Now hacker can crack your iPhone Password easily by even not touching your iPhone.This time the security flaw is discovered by researcher at Elcomsoft.
Elcomsoft is known for password cracking tools and exploits.This time they find flaws in iOS 10 Backup mechanism.They told that the new protection system of backup of your iPhone is 2500 times weaker.Hacker can Brute force your password which is saved in iTunes at 6,000,000 per second password.Which is even without using any additional GPUs.If hacker is able to crack the password then it is not possible to decrypt all the data from backup 

But Don't Worry Apple is working to fix the fla…

BMW car becomes a ROBOT same like Transformers

Have you seen the Transformer Movies? Yes ofcourse you have seen. Have you ever thought that, these Transformers can be real?  

Today I will tell you a new thing. Letvision engineers have made it true. Now Letvision has launched it's new car which can transforms into a ROBOT. But there is one problem that it can't walk when Car becomes a ROBOT. However the engineers are saying that they will need a Great Computing functionality to make this ROBOT move same as the imaginary movie TRANSFORMERS.
Letvision is a Turkish company who have made this Movie a reality.“Letrons carries the first and only of its kind speciality in the world with full performance conversion in one to one scale and excellent technical data,” said the company.
The company has named this car as "Antimon" and it took eight months to completethe work of whole CAR cum ROBOT.
Watch the Real time Transformation of BMW Car - 

LetVision has made the car to move with a Remote.Must Watch the video Given above.
The …

The Best Android Hacking Apps

With the Development and Advancement in the Technological field especially of Android Smart Phone Technology, today Hacking or Ethical Hacking has become more comfortable through Smart Phones rather than from our Laptops or PC. In fact, it has become so Simple and Convenient that with a Simple touch of a Button, we can Hack Someone that's why it has become the Favorite Hobby for Technology Geeks and Hackers.They can apply almost all the techniques and Hacks through Android Smart Phone only. Today, in this article, we will detail you the best Android Hacking Apps called preferably the Hacking Tools and How they can be used to Hack Purpose.

How to install 3rd party APK files in your Android device?

To install APK files which are not there in play store,or you have downloaded from Internet Follow the steps below.

1)Go to Settings -> Security.
2)Enable the installation from Unknown Sources.

Before Discussing the Details of Android Hacking Apps Your Android Smart Phone Should be Rooted.I…