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Hacking, the real meaning

We all have listened a word Hacking in today's computer world and we all are very familiar about what hacking is. Are we familiar? No we are not. We don't even know that what the Hack word means. So today we are here to tell each and every thing about what Hacking is and what it is need for.


Hacking stand for Hack + ing. So which form of verb is it? Lol, just kidding. So lets start with the real meaning of Hacking. Hacking just means to gather crucial information about someone else without his Permission.A person who gathers information about someone is called as Hacker.There are many ways in which Hacking can be done. 

When we listen about hacking somewhere in our society or in news then our mind goes directly to the Hollywood hacking movies and Hollywood hackers.But in real World the hacking is totally different from those Hollywood hackers.Real Meaning  of hacking is to access or enter into a system without the user's privileges .

Technical Meaning of Hacking is taking advantage of some bugs and vulnerabilities to exploit victim's system.

Before going deep into hacking We would like to tell you about some categories of Hackers-

1.Black Hat Hackers:- They basically Hack System for their personal purpose or money by exploiting bugs and vulnerabilities.

2.White Hat Hackers:- These are also called as Ethical Hackers. Ethical Hackers is the reputed name given to the White Hack Hackers because now-days Public has misunderstood the real meaning of Hacking.So a word is added to the Hacker i.e, Ethical.White Hat Hackers are hired by firms to secure their Company from black hats by finding vulnerabilities and bugs in their system.

3.Grey Hat Hackers:- Those Hackers  basically do things like white hat hackers during Day.But in Extra time they work for underground hacking groups or Govt Security Or Spying Services.

4.Script Kiddies:- Those Are People like you and me who not understand hacking.Just By Watching some Tutorials on Internet and using some lethal tools, they hack people for no need or just show off.

Purpose of Black Hat Hackers-

The Black Hat Hackers are always finding a way to earn money and some of them are doing just for fun.These Hackers don't want to harm the Public but while doing their profession,the Public is obviously harmed. These Hackers don't come in-front of the screen and media and do their work by hiding themselves. While the purpose of White Hat Hackers is completely different. They are always involved in the well being of the Public and most of them are working as a Security consultant in different companies.

If someone is Hacker, then it doesn't mean that he is not a good person. Hacker has its own meaning which is misunderstood by Public.

So this was the real meaning of Hacking and a Hacker too.


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