Gurdas Maan- On a trip to the Digital World

Gurdas Maan, a well known singer is on a trip to the Digital World. Gurdas Maan has recently visited the Facebook Headquarter and he has also visited Google Yesterday. He has shared lot of his memories on Facebook.

In his sayings, Gurdas Maan said that he wants to see the whole world so now its the time to see the different faces of the World.

You might have seen the live videos of Gurdas Maan on his own Verified Page of Facebook. He is very happy visiting the headquarters of the World's biggest companies and this is the first time that he is sharing a video on Facebook after very small intervals.He is sharing almost everything he has done there.

If you want to see the videos shared by Gurdas Maan on Facebook then, click here

Plenty of things which were shown to Gurdas Maan at Facebook and Google

1- Self driving Car at Google
2- Great view from the office of Mark Zuckerburg
3- Google PartnerPlex
4- Youtube Table at Google
5-Restaurant at Facebook
6- Google cycle and many more.

Gurdas Maan was so excited while watching these type of new things. After analyzing the Facebook restaurant, Gurdas Maan even said that "Facebook in running a Langar same as the Gurudwaras" because everything in the restaurant of Facebook was free.So he was very happy to see that.

Gurdas Maan also watched Google PartnerPlex and he has also done some Google Talks in the auditorium of Google. He has also shared the Google Talks in 3 parts on its verified Facebook Page.

He was feeling very happy when he was showed his own video on the Youtube Table at Google because that thing was 3D and he enjoyed alot.

Gurdas Maan asked many questions when he was showed the self driving Car at Google and even he was feeling afraid,sitting in the Car.

So,the experience of Gurdas Maan was very good at Facebook and Google and may be he will be visiting Chicago on 12th August.


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