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Here's How to Play Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire in Google search

Google is reinventing everyday. Google is inventing everyday a new idea to make google search more convenient to you. This time Google has made a small step ahead. Up-to now you can use calculator, Stop watch and even speed test on your Google Search. But today Google has created a new way to play small games on the Google Search.

Yes you have read right news. Now you can play small games online just by typing the name of the Game in the Google search.

For example if you are getting bored then you can open Google and type "tic tac toe" and press enter. A small game will be displayed in your search result and you can click on "Start Game" and play the game easily. It will not use much of your Internet Data because it is optimized as such.

Another game which you can play in the Google search is "Solitaire". Solitaire is a very popular game which previously comes as a pre-installed game in Windows 7. But now, in the upper versions of Window you have to download…

Is 'incognito' mode safe for Browsing Adult sites

All of you must be aware of the Incognito mode which is present as an option in your Browsers. All of the Browsers provide you with this option.I don't think so that, you don't know about this Incognito mode because everyone is browsing these type of private data. This mode is provided in all browsers whether it is Google chrome, Firefox, safari or some other.

If you don't know about this mode then firstly, I should introduce it. If you are using Google chrome chrome then you can open it by clicking on the top right icon in the browser as indicated in the image below-

If I will ask you about the Incognito mode then you will say, it is very safe. But you all are wrong here. You think that when you will browse the private sites in the Incognito mode then no one is keeping an eye on you. But it is not the same as you think. 

Incognito mode just provides you a platform to hide your browsing history. It means when you will search for porn sites and some private sites then, your hi…

Movie to release on Edward Snowden

May you all be aware about the well known personality, Edward Snowden. If you don't know anything about him then we are here to tell you. Edward Snowden is an American Computer Professional by Nationality. Currently his residence is in Russia. 

Edward Snowden was responsible to leak the classified information of NSA ( National Security Agency ) in the year 2013.

You can find more details of Edward Snowden on the Internet.Getting back to the topic, a movie is going to be released on the life of Edward Snowden whose title is same as the name of Edward i.e "SNOWDEN". This will obviously be a great movie because it has a good story. 

However, the official trailer of the movie 'Snowden' has been released and you can watch the latest official trailer down here only. The director of the story is Oliver Stone and the celebrities working in the movie are Scot EastWoodShailene Woodley and Nicolas Cage.

After watching this trailer, i think all will very eagerly wait for the rel…

Is Google a Better Search Engine?

Everyone here,reading this article might be using Google multiple times a day. As obvious, Google is a well known popular company which provides a easy way to fetch the data. But my question is that, Why we all are using Google only? Is there no Search Engine similar to Google or even better than Google?

Today we are available with multiple Search Engines which provides you the data more accurately and in a easy way. We won't say that Google is not a good search engine. Google is the best search engine till now. But you should atleast know the names of the other Search engines which are available to you. 
Infact, you all know that Google is tracking all our data which we are searching on the Proof of this was already posted on our website on an article on Google PartnerPlex. So it should be now clear in your mind that Google is really collecting all our data. 
Alternatives of Google - 
1- DuckDuckGo-

It is simply a search engine which is also used widely to fetch the inform…

Great News for BSNL Internet Users

Today we have come up with a great news from BSNL.BSNL has reduced their 3g Internet plan rates by 50%. Today BSNL announced unlimited 3g internet plans without any FUP Limit. BSNL also double the data at same rates. So this is the good news for the BSNL users.
BSNL Chairman and Managing Director, Anupam Shrivastava said that "Due to improvement in network BSNL has been gaining customers we are now first in the industry to offer unlimited 3G plan for Rs 1,099 without reduction in speed. This will rejoice our customers and help them experience improved BSNL networks".
BSNL doubles the data rate from 5 GB to 10 GB in 549 INR/-. In one more plan, firm doubled the data to 2 GB in 156 for 10 days.

Now one more news for BSNL Broadband users that the BSNL increases minimum broadband speed to 1 Mbps. Few months ago TRAI recommended  TeleComs to give minimum speed at least 2 Mbps. After this recommendation from TRAI, now there is no plan for 512 Kbps.
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MIT Researchers found a way to increase WiFi upto multiple times

You want High speed wifi? Ofcourse you want it. Nowdays everyone is very eager to get a Wi-Fi which should have speed as fast as it can. So to solve that Problem MIT researchers have come with a new way which will be very beneficial.    

A team of MIT Researchers have found a way to increase the speed of wifi network. In this Research main founders which are involved, are- Dr.Ezzeldin Hamed, Professor Dina Katabi, and visiting researcher Hariharan Rahul. 

All Team members have claimed that, they have found a way to reduce interference in the wireless Network system. Research was performed in AI Lab in MIT. They have also Published a White Paper that contains everything about this research. 

In this research, they claimed that, they have found an algorithm to avoid the problem of so called Spectrum crunch.This problem usually occurs  at places where huge no of wireless radio frequency is interfering with the other networks. Now they want to commercialize this technology with the help of s…

Facing problem in iphone to install Pokemon Go in your country? Here is a way

Today everyone knows that a brilliant Game has been invented for the smartphones i.e Pokemon Go. This news about the Game Pokemon Go was very highlighted few days back. Now every person from all over the World is trying to install this game on his device. 

Many People are facing problems to install Pokemon Go on their respective devices. The reason behind it is, that Pokemon Go has not been released Worldwide. This game is only released in few countries like U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand and may be few more. 

So officially the Game is made to install in these Countries only. 

Android users can easily install this Game on their devices as an .apk file of Pokemon Go is easily available on different sites and they can easily download it by searching on desired search engines like Google, Duckduckgo and Shodan. But Pokemon Go will not be available on the Google Play Store in that countries where officially it is launched. 

Android users would not face any problem because they can easily downl…

Android Nougat is Out Now

Android Nougat, the latest version 7.0 of Android Series has launched today. People were eagerly waiting to get this version to release because this time android has improved a lot more. 

Google is a very innovative company and every year Public is expecting a new and World changing features in their Android versions. No doubt, the latest versions of Android has been improved a lot but, there was something that lacks and now the Android N is out. So lets move to the all new Android N.

Google unveiled the new Android N at its Google I/O Developer Conference and the name Nougat was given in the mid of June after many suggestions from the Public.

You will have to wait for few days to get the update directly into your smartphone depending upon the company of your mobile. But as obvious, Nexus holders can upgrade their smartphone to Android N. May be some of the users have already upgraded their smartphone. Nexus 5x, 6p, 6 , 9 and Nexus Player are the devices with which updates are available …

NSA Hacked along with its Hacking tools

National Security Agency is the intelligence agency of America which was in news after the Revelation from Edward Snowden. Last year a hacking group called equation group was linked with many hacking and spying incident.Equation Group is also linked with a cyber weapon called Stuxnet. Equation group is no doubt  having closest links to NSA and last week NSA was hacked by a hacking group called Shadow Broker.This hacking group was able to hack NSA and has also Dumped all their tools.You shall be amazed that how Shadow Broker Leaked all these tools and message online without leaving  any trace behind.Group uploaded their whole meassage on Pastbin. Now the Message is deleted from pastebin. But Before being deleted we dumped the whole message from Pastebin. You can see and read whole message below:-

bitmessage = BM-NBvAHfp5Y6wBykgbirVLndZtEFCYGht8 i2p-bote =  o1uHOkOcMoFEa7O7dbEilzfMvWzo7bDu~td3x9gYz4b4t5OriJ7U6GUWr5GZoWxQ9f2TrIY5Rzhp…

Rahul Tyagi - an Actor, an Author, a Singer and an Ethical Hacker by Profession

Everyday we are posting our Articles on technology and all that. But today we are posting a different and a special thing with which you shall be unaware.

We are going to introduce you to a Person who is a Top Ranked Ethical Hacker in India. His good name is Rahul Tyagi. Rahul is post-graduate with majors in Computer Science and has completed his study from Lovely Professional University (L.P.U),Jalandhar.

In the past 7 years, Rahul Tyagi has conducted over more than 100 Training Sessions globally.

To invite Rahul Tyagi for a training session, click here
Rahul is also listed in BlackBerry Hall of Fame for his contributions in the organisations.Being a Cyber Space researcher itself, Rahul Tyagi has found critical vulnerabilities on the websites of Sony, hp, Intel VmWare, TED, Discovery Networks and many more.

Being an Ethical Hacker, Rahul Tyagi is also a well known author as he has written two books named as Hacking Crux 1 and Hacking Crux 2 both on Information Security. These two books ar…

Fastest Video Calling App from Google

Google announced many things at google developer conference in may.In developer conference, they announced two communication apps for android and ios mobile.Those apps were named as allo and duo ,Allo is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) Supported Messaging app with great communication features.We believe that the app is going to give tough competition to  Whatsapp. But Allo is still not launched but you can register for the on Playstore.There is another app from google called duo, which is a great app for video calling.App is released in almost every country.Go and download your duo from Playstore and Apple Store.Duo has  features like knock-knock, in this feature we can see who is calling you before even picking up

phone. So there are many other features like auto switching between quality during low bandwidth connection and high bandwidth connection.App also comes up with auto-switch between wifi and cellular data during calls.User Interface of app is very light and easy to understand.

Hacking, the real meaning

We all have listened a word Hacking in today's computer world and we all are very familiar about what hacking is. Are we familiar? No we are not. We don't even know that what the Hack word means. So today we are here to tell each and every thing about what Hacking is and what it is need for.


Hacking stand for Hack + ing. So which form of verb is it? Lol, just kidding. So lets start with the real meaning of Hacking. Hacking just means to gather crucial information about someone else without his Permission.A person who gathers information about someone is called as Hacker.There are many ways in which Hacking can be done. 

When we listen about hacking somewhere in our society or in news then our mind goes directly to the Hollywood hacking movies and Hollywood hackers.But in real World the hacking is totally different from those Hollywood hackers.Real Meaning  of hacking is to access or enter into a system without the user's privileges .

Technical Meaning of Hacking is t…

Torrentz is back With new Domain

As we have alreadyPublished a news about the biggest torrent search engine which was  down with a farewell message"Torrentz will always love you. Farewell".Torrentz was a search engine founded back in 2003 and few days back the site was shut down.Torrentz was daily used in all over the  world by people to find torrents from many torrenting sites.Now  a clone of torrentz is online with new domain and this clone of site also come up with a message" is a clone of Torrentz, a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results fromdozensof search engines
Indexing 59,642,496 torrents from 124,175,891 pages We will always love you Torrentz. Goodbye." shut downs forever

We all have downloaded many movies from the most popular site It was very easy to download a movie from the Torrent because it's navigation was quite easy and we can easily get the good prints of the movies after few days of the release.

You may have read the news about the Kat.r torrent that the founder of the Torrent was arrested.If you haven't read that news then go ahead and click here. being the biggest site in the World has announced its "Farewell" today. This site was quite stable in the Torrent community. This site was brought into existence in the Year 2003 and it ends at the year 2016. It has crossed lot of years with success but now the good time is over.

Everyone who is using internet must have got a shock to read this bad news because this was the only site from where they were easily downloading the data whether it is a movie or a software. has stopped its Search option to work few hours ago without any warning and a sma…

How to Recover Data from anything Even If it has been Formatted

As everyone know that how important one's data is to him/her and if by mistake it get formatted by someone or him/her, how one feels. But there is no need to take any stress because I got a way to recover your data from anything maybe its your local drive, Pendrive and your CD's or DVD's.

For Recovering Your Data You need a software Called ICare Data Recovery

To Download Software -------> Click Here

Step 1:When You have downloaded the software, firstly install it on your operating system.
Step 2: Insert your Pendrive/CD/DVD if your Data has been formatted from your Pendrive/CD/DVD and if not then there is no need of insert  it.
Step 3: Open up the Software as an Administrator onto your System.
Step 4: Now out of the four options Choose the right option for recovering your data according to the conditions in which your data has been lost from the digital device.

Step 5: Now Choose the Partition from which your data has been lost and click on the Recover button.

Step 6: Once your…