One more Hidden Game in Facebook Messenger

We all know that previously Facebook has introduced a small Basketball game in its Facebook messenger which was well received by the Public. If you already know that how to play that game then it will be very easy to you,to understand how to play the new game introduced by Facebook.

The new Hidden Game introduced in the Facebook messenger is of Football.

This game is really very interesting and it is also called a Fin game.

How to play this Game?

Firstly, make sure that you have updated your Facebook messenger.After updating, you have to search for the emoji of Football in your collection. Send that emoji to your friend with which you want to play the Football game. After sending the emoji, click on the emoji that you have sent recently.The game will be automatically began with you and your friend.

You can see the emoji of Football in the above image that you have to send it to your Friend.


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