How to Copy More Than 4 GB Single File To Any Device

In Today's world we are always sharing files by many portable methods.Most of the time we use Flash-drives and some time we try to copy some files whose size is  exceeding more than 4 GB then we are unable to copy that data to Flash-drive . 
So what is the problem?

So What is the solution to this Problem?

 Problem is simple that your Flash-drive File System is FAT 32. So Now What is FAT 32?.Fat Stands for File Allocation Table and FAT Have Many Types like 8-bit FAT, FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 16 B, FAT 32, Ex FAT ....and many more. Other Computer Hardware FAT System Have Also  Some Limitations .8 Bit Have Different limits and every File System have limit .As Bits increasing limits of System also Decreases .In That Way FAT 32 is minimum Volume Size is 8 MB and Maximum 16 GB .Fat 32 has Maximum File Size Limit is 4,294,967,295 bytes  After Converting it into GB Size Become 4 GB (Approx).

Now What is the solution to this problem?

So the Solution is To Change File System to Another File System That Supports Large File Size System.Then We have to Change Our Flash Drive File System From FAT 32 to NTFS (New Technology File System).Before Going To Method Of Changing File System .Take A look at limits of NTFS System .NTFS System Supports Maximum File Size Up to 18 Exabyte (approx.) .After Converting exabyte into terabyte it Becomes 1,93,42,787 Terabyte.To converting File system of flash drive 

Follow these steps:-

1.Insert Your Flash Drive and open Your file Explorer.

2.Right Click on Flash Drive and Click on Format.

3.In Format Box go to  File System And Select NTFS

4. Click On Start And Format the Flash Drive.

Now Your Flash Drive is Converted Into NTFS System .

Now Enjoy Your NTFS System.


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