How to check for virus in a file without using any software

If you want to check for a Virus in any file which is placed in your hard drive then what should you do? Install antivirus for that?

No, it is not a good thing to do, as we know that most of the antivirus are lagging behind in one case or other,If one antivirus is good in one view then on the other view it is regarded as not good. 

So what to do with that file?

There is website named as Virustotal which can help you out here. This website will scan your file with almost most of the popular antivirus in just few seconds and will tell you if there is a virus in the file or not.

You have to just upload your File on Virustotal and click on Scan it.That's it.

Rest whole of the work will be performed by Virustotal and you will get the results in few seconds.

This is the easiest online way to check whether your file is infected or not.


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