Boost Internet Speed By Changing Your DNS

As in the previous post we have read that how we can increase Internet Speed By Cleaning Our  DNS(Domain Name System) .In This Post You Will See a different way to Get a Possible Internet Speed For Web Surfing. Before explaining How We Are Going To Increase Your Internet Speed. Firstly Our ISP(Internet Service Provider) Gives Their DNS System and some time ISP's DNS System Lags or Out of Service Because of Heavy Internet Traffic At Their Network.
So The Solution For This Problem is that To Change ISP's DNS System To Some Open And Free DNS System like Google DNS ,Open DNS.

Method To Change DNS System:-

1.This Method Almost Apply For Every Windows.
2.Open Your Network And Sharing Center And Click on Your Network Connection Name.

3. Click On Properties And Open Internet Protocol Version 4
4.Select Option for Manual DNS Server Address.
5.Enter The Below Given Values In Both boxes.
       Google DNS:- and
       OpenDNS:- and
 6.Save the Setting By Clicking OK.     


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