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Google is hiring People by analyzing your search Keywords on

Yes it is true. As today we all know that Google is tracking all the data of ours.So it means Google has all our data placed somewhere for someone to see anytime. 

Now what is the case about Google hiring?

Google is constantly keeping an eye on what we are searching everyday on the If you will search for words which are not commonly searched by the other persons then, Google will send you a challenge to answer some questions.If you answer them correctly then,you will be selected and you will be asked to submit your Resume. You will be then further passed on to the Interview level and that's it.

Google has kept a test on its own search results to recruit the Programmers. 

Similarly,a person searched few keywords on and today he is at Google. He searched for "Python lambda function list comprehension" and Google noticed his search because these words are not searched daily. A Pop-up window appears on his screen that Google challenges you to answer some q…

Finally iPhone 7 gets release Date and a new name- iPhone 6SE

A lot of People were asking questions on the different sites to know the release date of the iPhone 7. So here we are to let you know about the new iPhone.

According to the rumors till now, it was said that the iPhone 7 will not be called as iPhone 7.

Firstly,we will talk about the release date. According to the previous years it is concluded that iPhone will be released in the late September. But now it is claimed that the iPhone will be launched near about 12 September.It is also claimed that the sale of the new iPhone will be started from 16 September.

Now it's the time to talk about the name of the new iPhone. Whether it should be called as iPhone 7 or something else?

According to the new rumors, the new iPhone will be named as iPhone 6SE.Yes,it is true the new iPhone will be named as iPhone 6SE. This is said because after one year there is a 10th anniversary of the well known company Apple. So it is claimed that Apple will release its grand Product iPhone 7 in the 2017 at its 10t…

End of the 2- Step Verification

We all are familiar with the option which is available to all of the gmail users while signing in, in their gmail accounts. Yes, that 2- Step Verification is coming to an end.2-step verification has proved to be insecure as anybody else can take your mobile phone and can get the verification code and obviously can hack into your Gmail account.

Meaning of 2- Step Verification-

If you have enabled the 2-Step Verification on your G-mail account then you have to face an extra step for signing into your account.You will receive a verification code on your registered mobile number and then the same code you have to write on the screen provided. Then only you will be able to sign in, into your account.

Sayings of (NIST)

Us National Institute of Standards and Technology (NSIT) has claimed that the 2-Step Verification is insecure and it should be banned in Future for security reasons.

You can also read the absolute sayings of NIST here-

"If the out of band verification is to be made using an SM…

Xiaomi's First laptop launched- Mi Notebook Air

Today, Xiaomi has launched their First laptop. Two versions of Laptops are launched approximately 3 hours before. The first one is of 12.5 inch display which will be priced roughly to Rs 35,000 and the second model is of 13.3 inch which will be priced at Rs 49,999.

The Chinese company has launched today their First laptop. They have launched this laptop to compete with the Apple's Macbook Air. This is the reason that why Xiaomi has named their laptop as Mi Notebook Air. 
Xiaomi has also launched a smartphone in their event named as Xiaomi Redmi Pro.
Xiaomi says that their Laptop Mi Notebook Air has 11 percent smaller body as compared to the Apple's Macbook Air.
Moreover, the thickness of the Xiaomi laptop is 14.8 mm thick whereas Apple's Macbook Air is 17 mm thick.
The 13.3 inch Xiaomi laptop will hold a Sixth Generation Intel Core i5  processor with a Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU. It comes along with 8GB of Ram and 256GB of SSID which is also expandable as a second slot for SSID i…

Verizon buys yahoo for $4.83 billion

Last week a deal was confirmed that the Verizon company is going to buy Yahoo but today Verzon has announced that they are going to buy Yahoo at $4.83 billion.

Isn't it a great news? Yes it is a great news. We have seen Yahoo as a very big empire but now this big empire has been sold to the Verizon

It has been said that the Yahoo will be very soonly combined with the Aol which was already acquired by the Verizon last year. So, by combining Yahoo with the Aol they will move ahead.

The deal says that all online brands of Yahoo and all the control of E-mail id's will be controlled by the Verizon as soon as possible. Yahoo's E-mail service is having approximately 225 billion active users today. All of them will be controlled by the Verizon at background. 

According to the deal, the name Yahoo will not be replaced very early. It will be changed but not till now.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says that "This deal will help us achieve tremendous scale on mobile," She also added th… is back with new Domain

We posted in the last article that biggest torrent hosting site is down and the founder is arrested in Poland.

If you have not read that post then visit the article about is down .Now after all this problems to the site , is back with new domain  name  dxtorrent. This domain have same layout and pop up ads are same as domain.

Microsoft warned by France Govt. for collecting Personal information from Window 10

We have listened a lot about Window 10 that Microsoft is spying on the users of Window 10 and is collecting majorly all the personal data like Browsing history and lot more. 

But now the France Govt. has ordered Microsoft to stop these spying. But we don't know that what will happen next.

On Wednesday, France's National Data Protection Commission ordered a formal notice to Microsoft saying that stop spying on Window 10 users and also stop tracking the browsing history of the users.

However Microsoft is continuously saying that they are not collecting data more than they required.But some of the Microsoft updates have revealed that they are recording our activities.

Lets have a look on Window 10

1-More than 45 billion minutes were spent on Microsoft edge on window 10 devices only in December 2015.
2-Over 80 billion photographs have been viewed from photo application of Window 10.
3-People spent 4 billion hours playing games on Window 10 devices.
4-People have spent 10 billion hours … is down after founder is arrested

Last day Department of Justice ordered to arrest the founder of Worlds Biggest Torrent Site After finding Artem Vaulin  guilty in pirating the Copyrighted Material of Digital Mediums like Movies,Music etc.Victim is arrested in Poland.KAT is 72nd Visited site on INTERNET and KAT has net worth about 52 Million USD.Site is Generating Huge money by advertising on their site.KAT's  annual income around 12 Million USD.After the arrest of Founder ,Kat Goes down for last around 2 days .Also news is that the kat also loses its all domain.

According to press release of DOJ on Wednesday,they stated that;-

“Vaulin is charged with running today’s most visited illegal file-sharing website, responsible for unlawfully distributing well over $1 billion of copyrighted materials,” Assistant Attorney General Caldwell said in the statement. “In an effort to evade law enforcement, Vaulin allegedly relied on servers located in countries around the world and moved his domains due to repeated seizures …

Xiaomi is Launching High Specs Laptop at low prices

According to some rumours  that Chinese Smartphone company Xiaomi is going to launch two notebooks,they are designing the notebook to give competition to other notebook big brands like Apple,Lenovo. As from Some sources notebooks will come with two models.First model comes with 13.5 inch Full HD Screen,Intel i7-6700,16GB,Intel Integrated Graphics etc.Second Model is coming up with 11 inch Screen, Intel i5 Processor,8 GB Model etc. Like there smartphone prices company is also launching the laptop with cheapest price.Company is launching these laptops and other products like Redmi Note 4 on event on 27  July.Price range of 11 inch Model is around 40,000 rupees and 13.5 inch model ranges around 50,000.

Facebook celebrates it 1 billion monthly users of it Messenger app

Facebook has revealed that it has 1 Billion monthly users of their Messenger app. All over the world, the messenger app is trending and it is also revealed that approximately 1 billion messages are sent through the Messenger app.

So,Facebook is now celebrating their success. If you want to join with the celebration,then we have a way-

You just have to send the emoji of balloon to your friend from the Messenger app and it will add a touch of whimsy and delight to any conversation.

It is only the new way of Facebook to say Thanks to all over the world.

How To Change,Make and Delete Directory using CMD

Hey Guy's today I am going to teach you a new way of Changing,Making and Removing a directory using CMD. These Commands are very useful when you are using a command line interface.
Changing Directory :
1)Open CMD and Run it as Administrator. 2)Your CMD Location will be at C:\WINDOWS\System32. 3)To Change the Location of the Directory we will use CD(Change Directory) command in CMD to go to a Specific Directory.(Directory here means Folder) 4)Type " cd .. " to move one directory back and type " cd/ " to move to the beginning directory.

5)Now you can change the Directory by typing " cd location ".

Making Directory :
1)Open CMD and Run it as Administrator. 2)Choose the Directory where you want to make a new Directory.  3)Now type " md Widlon " or " mkdir Widlon " to make a new directory with name New at the specified location.

Removing Directory :
1)Open CMD and Run it as Administrator. 2)Choose the Directory where you want to remove a Directory.  3…

Opening the URL's that have been Blocked

We will use a software called Psiphon for opening the websites that have been Blocked. Psiphon is a tool from Psiphon Inc. that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide you with uncensored access to Internet content. Your Psiphon client will automatically learn about the new access points to maximize your chances of bypassing censorship.
Psiphon is designed to provide you with open access to online content. Psiphon does not increase your online privacy, and should not be considered or used as an online security tool.

You can Download Psiphon for Windows --- >From Here

Using Psiphon :
1)First you have to download psiphon from the link given above. 2)When you have downloaded it.Open it by double clicking on it. 3)It will show that the Psiphon is connected.
Now you can open any of your Websites that are Restricted or banned.
Note: It is also available for Android.

Restart,Shutdown,Logoff and Hibernate your Computer using CMD

Shutdown and Restart your computer or someone else is very easy using CMD. We Sometimes use CMD to Shutdown/Restart our computer when we have to use timer. Means when we want to specify the time when we want our computer to be shutdown/Restart. We can also Shutdown or Restart someone else computer connected on same network.

Shutdown Computer :
1)Open CMD and Run it as Administrator. 2)Type " shutdown -s " .
This will shutdown your computer in one minute of time.
Shutdown Computer using Timer : 1)Open CMD and Run it as Administrator. 2)Type " shutdown -s -t (time in seconds) ".
This will shutdown your computer after the specific time interval you have given.Remember the Time should be in Seconds.
Restart Computer : 1)Open CMD and Run it as Administrator. 2)Type " shutdown -r ".
This will Restart your computer in one minute of time.
Restart Computer using Timer : 1)Open CMD and Run it as Administrator. 2)Type " shutdown -r -t (time in seconds) ".
This will restar…

How to increase the speed of your internet

We have brought a very simple way to increase the speed of your internet.We will increase the speed by deleting the temporary files which are place in your computer somewhere as these files are responsible for deceasing the speed of your internet.So we will do this method in a very simple and easy way.

So lets start with the method.
1- Open RUN by pressing window key + R button.
2- Type "%temp% and press enter.

3- Now number of temporary files will be shown on your screen.
4- Select all of them and press delete button from your keyboard as these files are temporary means they are useless for you.

Congratulations you have boost up your internet speed

If you are feeling any difficulty then feel free to contact us.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

Google chrome will be more faster now onwards

Google is going to make its browser to browse more faster.The Google chrome with this new technology will be updated soon.

Google claimed that the browsing speed of the internet will be faster on their Google Chrome as they are going to work their Chrome on the new technology which they released on last September.

The new Web Compression algorithm for the internet called as Brotli, which is announced by Google will be the secret to increase the speed of their Browser.

With this new Web Compression algorithm Brotli , Google announced that they are capable of reducing the size of files by 26% of the previous Zopfli technology which was company's 3 year old Web Compression technology.

On Tuesday,Web performance engineer of Google Ilya Grigorik announced that the new algorithm technology will come soon to the Google Chrome,which will change the compressing style of files.

If you want to enjoy the test version of Chrome which contain Brotli then you can start with the Chrome C…

Laptop launched with 64GB Ram 5TB SSD and 6 USB Ports

Today we are here to discuss the specifications of the laptop launched recently.The laptop is best in all aspects as it is having enough Ram of 64 GB and other parts are also awesome.

The Canadian company Eurocom has released its new version i.e Sky X9W laptop which is just an upgrade version to its previous version SkyX9 which was released in October 2015.As all the parts used in the laptop are very good so,obviously the price would be high.The company reveals that the price of the laptop will be $2920 which is roughly equal to 198,000 of Indian rupee.

It is powered by a Quadcore intel i7 processor.As the processor is big so it also contain sufficient cooling power as it contain number of cooling fans and boards required.

As a point of memory it's basic model starts with 16GB of DDR4 Ram and goes upto 64GB of DDR4 Ram.
The weight of the laptop is approximately equal to 4.8 kg and the size of screen is 17.3 inch.Total size of the laptop is 428*308*45 mm.

It supports Micros…

How to enable Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V option in cmd

You may have faced many problems while using Command Prompt as it doesn't support the control key button in it. We often learn cmd commands from the internet and to do practically in our computer we often copy the same commands written on the webpage but we can't paste it in our cmd. This is the main problem that we all are facing daily. So, why can't we solve this problem.

Steps to follow-

1- Open cmd (command prompt) as Run as administrator.

2-Right click on the upper bar of the cmd and click on properties.

3-Under the tab of Options you will see a option of Enable Ctrl Key Shortcuts.

4-Tick the check box of it  and then click on OK.

Now you will be able to use the option of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V option.

Go ahead and enjoy the same.

Way to change the complete look of

Are you getting bored with the old look of the Facebook. Many of you are surely using Facebook multiple times a day. But have you wondered that the interface of Facebook is the same as it was earlier.

So if you are getting bored of the same look of the Facebook then here is a way to change it.

Go ahead and try this new extension for the Google Chrome, Facebook Flat

This is the extension which allows you to completely change the interface of the Facebook.

Believe me, it is a very good extension for the Google Chrome and you will surely love the new look of Facebook.

The best thing is you always have an access to enable or disable the extension at the top left corner.

Go ahead and try the new

Don't forget to tell the reviews about the extension Facebook Flat in the comments below

How to access sites which are down due to heavy internet traffic

We are suffering Internet Daily with our How to Queries,Information,Results,Exams and many more things. There are many websites which become inaccessible because of so much traffic on them. Sometimes the result sites are not responding due to tons of traffic on them, In that moment we often stuck in the problem which generally have no solution. But we came up with a solution to your problems.
Follow These Steps ..... :- 
1.Visit a Site called Loband.
2.Copy Your URL Which is inaccessible to you.

3.Paste the link in as Shown in above Pic.
4.Press the button GO.

Congratulations, the site will be displayed to you.

How to hide your Wi-Fi network

We are always in a fear that if anyone hacks our Wi-Fi network then what we should do. So we are here to tell you about how to make your Wi-Fi network more secure. Today we have brought a way to make your Wi-fi network hide from everyone. Don't worry you can always have access to this network.

So if you are using Modem of a TP-link then it will be very easy to understand because i am going to show the method with tp link  but if you are using any other modem also then also the settings will be same with a little difference that the interface will be changed.

Steps to Follow-

1- Open for TP link and who are using other Modems can see the link address from the backside of their Modems,it will be surely written over there.Default username and password is admin and admin respectively.

2-Go to Interface Setup option and then navigate to Wireless option.

3-Now you have to lookup for the Broadcast SSID.

4- Set it to 'No'

5- Save your settings and you are done.


One more Hidden Game in Facebook Messenger

We all know that previously Facebook has introduced a small Basketball game in its Facebook messenger which was well received by the Public. If you already know that how to play that game then it will be very easy to you,to understand how to play the new game introduced by Facebook.

The new Hidden Game introduced in the Facebook messenger is of Football.

This game is really very interesting and it is also called a Fin game.

How to play this Game?

Firstly, make sure that you have updated your Facebook messenger.After updating, you have to search for the emoji of Football in your collection. Send that emoji to your friend with which you want to play the Football game. After sending the emoji, click on the emoji that you have sent recently.The game will be automatically began with you and your friend.

You can see the emoji of Football in the above image that you have to send it to your Friend.

Gaming festival will be hosted by Google in September 2016

According to the news from Google, it is being declared that Google will host a gaming festival in the month of September 2016. This festival is more likely to be held on Sept 24 in San Francisco which will focus on the app developers.

So all the app developers can participate in this Gaming festival. All the interested participants can submit their Games to the Google by Aug 14 and then Google will decide which games should be presented in the Conference or not.

One bad news is that Google has officially declared that Public companies can't participate in their Gaming festival.

Google will choose 30 Games which will be presented at the showcase. The winners will also get the prizes like Google Tango and lot more.

So all app developers must participate in the scenario.

Best of luck.

Now you can write in different styles and fonts in Whatsapp

In the Latest update of Whatsapp, we can even text our friend in many ways like Bold,Italic,Strike through and also with Special Font From Whatsapp. Many other features are coming with new update like video calling,GIF support , User Mention During Chat .This Update will be roll out soon. Here is the Method to write all  formatting style by adding some symbols  in Chat.

For All Formatting Style

Strikethrough= ~Write Text Between~
Italics= _Write Text Between_
New Font= ```Write Text Between```
Bold= *Write Text Between*
You Can Also Mix all these Formatting Style in your Text.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

If you Also Want to Get the Update of the new whatsapp then go ahead and read  How to Get Updates of Apps before Publishing for Everyone

How to Get Updates of Apps before their Official release

We are updating our apps daily for new features in apps, So in this method you will learn that how you can get update before publishing for everyone. You can get latest updates before everyone and test the app and also report the bugs in app's updates.

If you want to get latest update of the apps then follow these steps.
1.Open Play Store in Mobile 
2.Go to My Apps & Games
3.Go to ALL and find app which have Beta Testing Program like Whatsapp,Facebook.
4.Click on App  and Scroll Down To end of page.

5. Click on I'M IN option. 6.Now you Become Beta tester of app. 7.Now again Go to option My Apps & Games  8.Switch to Beta option And Update your App.

Now enjoy the Beta version of the app.

Apple is going to launch a reality TV show - Planet of the Apps

Yes this is true. A device maker company Apple is now going to start a reality show on the channels of U.S.A.The reality show will be named after- Planet of Apps.

We don't have too much information about it but it is sure that the show will be on air in the beginning of year 2017.

It has been said that this show will let the developers to show their talent.It means all the developers will be called in the show and there must be a competition between the apps. The best app will be selected and the developer will be honored. 

As the name suggests,the show will be obviously full of applications. It will be a very good platform to show the talent. So all the developers should get ready for the show.

The casting call has also been called for the app creators to show their talent and transform their Future.

The rumor of the show is well received by the Public and we hope that the show will also be a best technological show in all over the world.

Propagate Opens Casting Call for Unscripted Se…