How to hack Andriod using Stagefright Vulnerability

Today i am going to demonstrate a exploit to take reverse shell in android,before i explain the demo i want to explain some things related to  this hack or exploit and also this for education and awareness about security of your devices.

What is Stagefright?

Android includes Stagefright, a media playback engine at the native level that has built-in software-based codecs for popular media formats.

Stagefright audio and video playback features include integration with OpenMAX codecs, session management, time-synchronized rendering, transport control, and DRM.

Stagefright also supports integration with custom hardware codecs provided by you. To set a hardware path to encode 
and decode media, you must implement a hardware-based codec as an OpenMax IL (Integration Layer) component.  

How hacker can exploit this Stagefright Library?

This critical vulnerability was discovered by a researcher at Cyber Security Firm called Zimperium. This  vulnerability is a type of buffer overflow attack and in thi…

Can a Friend's Charger Kill my Laptop?

We live in a Digital World and all of us have Laptops.The Basic problem that we all face is, we often forget to carry our Laptop's charger along with the Laptop when we are visiting some place or Friend's Home. We are then left with the only option that, charge our Laptop with the Charger of our Friend's Laptop. Question arises, is that charger suitable for your Laptop? Is the charger has same wattage that yours have? Is that Charger safe for your Laptop?

Don't worry we are here to give answers of all these questions but the Condition is, you have to read them Carefully.

You should know one thing that each Charger is made according as the device to be Charged. So firstly avoid using the different chargers. Your Laptop has different specification from that one which your Friend owns.

Have you ever charged your Laptop with different Charger yet? If you have tried it then you may have faced a Problem that the different charger doesn't charge the battery of your Laptop bu…

Microsoft's Plan to Move ahead of Apple

Yes, this is a real news from Microsoft. Microsoft has planned a Best way to move somewhat ahead of it's Rival Apple. Microsoft is a very clever company and is doing a very brilliant work to increase their Demand. 

The offer comes as Microsoft has unveiled some new devices and software at an event in New York few days back. One of its announcements was a battery life boost and graphics bump in its high-end Surface Book i7.

Microsoft is really paying you $650 for not using Apple's Macbook and "trade up" to a new Surface Book or Surface Pro at a Microsoft Store or via

The Deal was officially announced after the New release of the Apple's Macbook Pro which Apple has released one day before.

Apple has disappointed the Users by not releasing a Macbook with Touch screen feature. So Microsoft is taking full advantage of this and Now Microsoft has put up a Deal in which you can get the Experience of Microsoft's new Surface Series.You can now replace your A…

How to Set a Pattern Lock in Windows

Security is the most Important thing that most of the People look for. If you are an Android or Mi User then you must be aware of Lock Pattern Security at Both the Platforms. Pattern Lock,is a feature that allows the user to Unlock their respective Smart Phones by drawing a Pattern on a 3 by 3 point or 4 by 4 Point Interval.

In Windows, you have Password Based Security like in Android and MIUI. But Suppose that if there is a chance to add Pattern Lock on your Operating System.Sounds Exciting ! This Method to set Pattern Lock on Windows will work on any of its Version. We will Use Eusing Maze Lock

As Pattern is Easier than a Combination of Numbers and Letters, many Users prefer it over the Pin and Passwords to protect their Smartphones.

What is Eusing Maze Lock ?

Eusing Maze Lock is a Small, Lightweight application that allows you to Lock your screen and prevent other people from Accessing your computer while you are away from it.Eusing Maze Lock uses a Pattern based technique to lock yo…

How to Enable Telnet Client in Windows

Telnet is an Application, which is used for Accessing Remote Computers on Internet or LAN's.Telnet is used to provide a Bidirectional Interactive Text-Oriented Communication facility using a Terminal/Command Line connection. With Telnet, you can Log on another Remote System as a Regular User with some Privileges ,you have been granted on that Remote Computer.

How to Enable Telnet Client ::

1)Type " Control Panel " in the Search Box and Hit Enter.

2)Now Click on Programs Category.

3)Under Programs and Features ,Click on Turn Windows Feature on or off.

4)A Windows Feature Box will be Displayed in which Windows Feature will be Listed.

5)Search for Telnet Client and Telnet Server and Check Both the Boxes and Click on OK Button.

6)It will Ask you to Restart your System.Click on Restart Now and wait until your System Open up's.

7)Now type " CMD " in the Search Box and Press Enter .

8)Type " telnet " Command in the CMD Window and Hit Enter.

9)Type " help &quo…

All About Samsung S8

2016 is Proved to be a Mixed Year for Samsung as at one side Samsung is Celebrating its Victory for Samsung S7 Edge but at the Other Side Note 7 Proved to be the Biggest Failure. After the Galaxy Note 7 incident,which cause a Huge Loss to Samsung and its Ranks,Samsung Decided to Launch a New Smartphone to Build back its Trust in People and also to increase their Rank.Samsung’s next Smartphone, the Galaxy S8, will have a lot of Exciting Features for which the World will be waiting Excitingly .

Features of Samsung Galaxy S8 ::

KernelBit Team has been informed that Samsung is working to put an Optical Fingerprint Scanner on the Galaxy S8 at its Back and it will help Samsung achieve a Full Screen Smartphone.Samsung is facing some problems in order to Put Optical Fingerprint Recognition,as its Components are not easily Available but the Launching of Galaxy S8 is a year away.So Samsung has plenty of time to resolve the production issues.

The Smartphone may have a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED 4K Displ…

Important Things to Know about Jio

Jio is Company which is completely Owned by Reliance Industries. It is a LTE mobile network operator in India. It is the only network which provides 4G Data at such a low cost. But at present, speed of Jio has somewhat deducted but there's a reason behind it and we will discuss it here. 

Untold Story of Jio-

The thought of starting the Jio Company was a very Old idea and the Jio was to be Launched in 2014 but with 3G not as 4G Network. It was totally planned to Launch Jio as a 3G sim in 2014 but in the year 2014, other Companies also came in Market andstart selling the 3G data. Now Jio was not in a postion to Launch a 3G based Sim in a competition to other Companies. So, 4G Network was the main Target of Jio. They need more Infrastructure and more plans so they were to need more time.Later in the Year 2015, they proposed this idea to Shahrukh Khan (Bollywood Actor) and made him the Brand Ambassador of Jio. He used the Sim at first. Then Jio was launched as a 4G LTE network Sim for a…

How to Activate 2 Step Verification in Facebook

Guys, You Know that Facebook is the Black Hole of World Wide Web as it is used by Billions of People and also has Become the Social Media Giant on Internet. So day by day Facebook is Increasing its Security as to Safe Guard their Users.As every Hacker and Cracker want to Exploit the Number One Social Networking Site and its Users also. It Depends on you how you use Facebook Features to make your Profile Secure from Hackers. Facebook has many Good Security Features that help a user to make their Account Secure and Keep their Data and Information Safe in their Account.

Like Google launched Two Step Verification, Facebook also Launched it to Enhance its Security. It is also Named as “ Login Approvals ” Feature of Facebook. As Previously Google Added this Feature and it Seems to be Successful in Protecting their Users and also their Accounts. So Facebook also needed to Add this Security Layer to Protect their User’s Facebook Accounts and Protect them against several Hacks or Exploits. But …

The Best Way to Protect your USB Data from others

Hello Friends! Today we will provide you, two best methods to Protect your Crucial Data from other Users. Sometimes you forget your Pendrive at your Friend's Home and then you are in a Tension, that Your Friend Might not see your Personal Data in your USB.  

If you have Formatted your Pendrive then also your Friend can recover the Files easily using Free softwares available on the Internet.

So what should you do to protect your Data?

First Method :

Follow the Steps to Make your USB more Secure-

1- Connect your USB with your Pc. Open your Windows Explorer, right click on the USB and click on "Turn On BitLocker"

2- Now click on Use Password to Unlock the drive. Enter the Password that you want to keep for your USB and Click on Next.

3- Save your Password at any Place in your Computer or Save it on your Microsoft Account, then click on Next.

4- Now the encryption process will be started. In this Process your USB will be Encrypted + Secured with the Password that you have Entered …

The Complete Guide for Changing MAC Address on a Windows,MAC OS's and Linux

What is Media Access Control Address (MAC Address) ?

A Media Access Control (MAC) Address of a System is a Unique Address/ Identifier ,assigned to Network Interfaces for Communications at the Data Link Layer of Network Segment.The First Check for who the Data is for is done at Data Link Layer. MAC addresses are used as a Network Address for most IEEE 802 Network Technologies, including Ethernet and WiFi.MAC Addresses are used in the Media Access Control Protocol Sublayer of the OSI Reference Model.MAC addresses are mostly assigned by the Manufacturer of a Network Interface Controller (NIC) and are Stored in its Hardware, such as in the Card's,Read Only Memory(ROM). They are also Referred to as the Burned-In Address (BIA).

Structure of MAC Address :

How to Change MAC Address ?

To Change MAC Address you should first know how to Find your System's MAC Address.To Find MAC Address Read our Post  The Complete Guide for Understanding and Finding MAC Address on a Windows,MAC OS's,Linu…